Current Read Sunday

Hey all! So I failed miserably at the read-a-thon. I only read 45 pages šŸ˜¦ I am very sad about that. But it’s ok, I have learned what I need to do to be successful at a read-a-thon… and that includes planning better.

But any who, on to my Current Read Sunday post!


The second in the Goddess War trilogy, this book has amazing aspects of Mythology in it, which I love! I started this when I started the read-a-thon, but I never got to finish it. So I am now! I can’t wait to finish and read the third book!

Lets chat! What is your current read??


Current Reading Sunday

Not much to update on my current reading Sunday, since I haven’t started my book yet šŸ˜¦ Homework and other obligations add up to no reading time. But, since my birthday was at the end of last month and I haven’t had a chance to get myself a gift yet (yes, I buy myself birthday gifts, because if I don’t love myself, why would anyone else? And I deserve nice things too!!). I decided instead of buying a new book at full price, to take the amount I would have and go to a used book site that I have had good luck with (look for a book site post this coming week!!) and ordered myself about 5 books for the same price! I am extremely happy with my haul!

Your turn- What are you reading today??

Current Reading Sunday (On Tuesday)

Well, because of the Super Bowl, the crazy weather and my large amount of Homework this weekend I was not able to post my Current Reading Sunday post. So lets do it today! Because I am so excited for my new book, I really can’t wait to share!

Currently Reading: The Witches: 1692


I am so excited to start this book! I received it for Christmas this year from my nieces and have been saving it to start when I need a new book rush. I have always been a history buff, and I have a special place in my brain for anything dealing with the Salem witch trials. I have not started it yet, but I will be tonight. I can’t believe I have waited this long to read it (I think hiding it from myself helped a little)!

Your turn: What are you currently reading?

Current Read Sunday

I have found that when I start school I lose track of my reading. I will go weeks and even months without starting a book, which just about kills me since I love reading so much. So I will start updating my blog with “Current Read Sunday” posts. I hope you’ll join me in posting about your current book and why you choose to read it! So with out farther ado, here is my current read

Current Read: Working Stiff By: Rachel Caine (Book one in the Revivalist series)

This book is one of those that I dive in head first and don’t come up for a breath until the very end. Which is why I am reading it again. I had read it once when it first came out, but now I see that she came out with more in the series (again, this is when I get into a reading block because of school). I love this author, I have read her Weather Warden series and the Outcast Season series, as well as her YA series, The Morganville Vampires.

If you like fantasy books, with some action and some science fiction thrown in, this is the series for you.

Your turn! What is your current read?