To Read List

Hi all! I recently started compiling my summer-to-read-list…. and it’s at 95 books, not including many that I have purchased and have sitting in piles at home! Since I am well aware that I can’t read 95 books in one summer (though I am going to give it the good ole college try!) my idea is to keep adding as I find things I want to read. This may make book shopping easier on those days when I want a book, but nothing is catching my eye. For those who understand my issue, this quote I found on Pintrest may just ring true to you as well…


Read on good friends, read on.


My Happy Place

I love the feeling of calm that comes over me when I walk into a bookstore.

I love the feeling of whatever bad has been happening lately rush right out of my body.

I love the excitement that starts to build as soon as I touch the first book I look at.

I love the smell of all the new books.

I love the feel of them, rough edges, smooth bindings, the texture of the cover and the paper, the feeling of the lettering on the hardcover books.

I love lazily wandering the aisles looking for my next adventure, I love my narrowed laser focus when I know exactly what book I am gunning for.

I love little book stores, I love big book stores.

They truly are my happy place.