Current Reading Sunday

Not much to update on my current reading Sunday, since I haven’t started my book yet šŸ˜¦ Homework and other obligations add up to no reading time. But, since my birthday was at the end of last month and I haven’t had a chance to get myself a gift yet (yes, I buy myself birthday gifts, because if I don’t love myself, why would anyone else? And I deserve nice things too!!). I decided instead of buying a new book at full price, to take the amount I would have and go to a used book site that I have had good luck with (look for a book site post this coming week!!) and ordered myself about 5 books for the same price! I am extremely happy with my haul!

Your turn- What are you reading today??


Current Reading Sunday (On Tuesday)

Well, because of the Super Bowl, the crazy weather and my large amount of Homework this weekend I was not able to post my Current Reading Sunday post. So lets do it today! Because I am so excited for my new book, I really can’t wait to share!

Currently Reading: The Witches: 1692


I am so excited to start this book! I received it for Christmas this year from my nieces and have been saving it to start when I need a new book rush. I have always been a history buff, and I have a special place in my brain for anything dealing with the Salem witch trials. I have not started it yet, but I will be tonight. I can’t believe I have waited this long to read it (I think hiding it from myself helped a little)!

Your turn: What are you currently reading?

My Happy Place

I love the feeling of calm that comes over me when I walk into a bookstore.

I love the feeling of whatever bad has been happening lately rush right out of my body.

I love the excitement that starts to build as soon as I touch the first book I look at.

I love the smell of all the new books.

I love the feel of them, rough edges, smooth bindings, the texture of the cover and the paper, the feeling of the lettering on the hardcover books.

I love lazily wandering the aisles looking for my next adventure, I love my narrowed laser focus when I know exactly what book I am gunning for.

I love little book stores, I love big book stores.

They truly are my happy place.