Book Borrowing

I don’t know about you guys, but when I borrow out a book there is a strict protocol that is to be followed (Because, lets face it, a book is an extension of me, so if you are one of the select few I borrow to, feel special!).

There are a few things that I hate, hate , HATE when people do to my books like…

  • Bend the corners to mark their spot (Use a book mark, a scrap of paper or ribbon, anything but bending the pages!!! The horror!!!)
  • Write in it (Is it yours? no. So do not mark it like it is your territory! Again, use a scrap of paper or a sticky note to mark it if you need to comeback to it, no pencil and god forbid you write in PEN in MY BABY!!!!)
  • Get it unnecessarily dirty (a little smuged is one thing, because lord knows I have been known to multi-task while trying to finish a book, but there is no need to drop it in a puddle or wreck its cover with pop…. gah!!)
  • Not return it for a long period of time (Select people, if they tell me, can have for over a month. But if you aren’t that person, don’t push it. I would like to have my baby back safely sooner rather than later. Thanks)
  • Not return it at all ( MY BABY!!! Why have you stolen it from me!! NOOOOOOOO)


Again, I don’t know about you, but I occasionally get very anxious over book borrowing, but I want them to read something amazing… so I borrow it out. Oh, well.

Your turn! What is on your rule list for book borrowing?


One thought on “Book Borrowing

  1. Juni Desireé says:

    Hehe, I very rarely let people borrow my books. I just doubt that I’d ever see them again. So in my head I sort of say goodbye to them when I let someone borrow them. Definitely a bit precious about my books. I’d rather just buy someone a book or give them mine and buy another copy. Definitely trying to be a better sharer.


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